Industry News: 4 Confirmed Character Changes Now in Effect at Walt Disney World (June 2016)

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Originally posted on Theme Park Tourist.

Character meet and greets are a big part of what makes a trip to Walt Disney World so special, and in recent months Disney has taken it upon themselves to make a number of improvements and changes to their character lineup. While not all of these changes have been popular with guests, Disney is constantly making adjustments to try and make their character offerings as diverse as possible while still keeping things running efficiently around the parks…..

1. Pocahontas and Mulan get costume changes

New Pocahontas

Walt Disney World surprised guests this past weekend by debuting new looks for two fan favorite characters. First up is Pocahontas, who meets guests at the Discovery Island Trail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and is now sporting a more ornate outfit….


Next up is Mulan, who has also gotten a costume upgrade for her meet and greet at Epcot’s China pavilion. As you can see below, Mulan has traded in her previous “matchmaker” outfit from the film for something a little more ornate that looks like a mash-up between her previous outfit and the dress that she wears near the end of the movie. Though her new outfit isn’t specifically like any that is seen in the Mulan film, it does look a little bit more ornate, and features a more varied color palette.



While these costume changes are not super dramatic, they are definitely noticeable (especially to character fans!), and opinion seems to be split as to whether these outfit changes for both of these official princesses are a good thing or a bad thing. What do you think?